How to Make Jewelry with Trollbeads

Here is a small project that you can use to put all of your newly purchased genuine troll beads to good use. I found this project, created by Kathy Mamet, who has nearly two decades of beading experience and providing classes to aspiring beaders. This a very good project for those that are wanting to learn how to make wire jewelry:

Twisted-Wire Bracelet

Skill level: Beginner
Estimated time: 1 hour
Tools: Chain-nose pliers (flat nose), round-nose pliers, wire cutters
Supplies: 20-gauge brass wire, 1 brass toggle clasp, 45-60 Troll beads with holes large enough to fit the 20-gauge wire.


1. Cut 4 yards of wire. Fold in half. Insert wire through ring on circle portion of toggle and slide to fold.
2. Using chain-nose pliers, make first twist by holding wires together, approximately 1/4 -inch down from toggle. Grasp toggle and twist until twisted wire is approximately 1/8 -inch long. (Note: do not over twist wire)
3. Now separate the wires. About 1/2 inch past the twist, bend one wire into a "U" shape. Slide a bead into the "U." Hold bead and twist until wire beneath forms a twist.
4. Repeat step 3 with the second wire.
5. Using chain-nose pliers, hold both wires 1/4 inch down from beads. Twist beaded section until twist is 1/8 -inch long.
6. Continue steps 3, 4 and 5 until bracelet fits comfortably around wrist, allowing room for adding stick portion of clasp.
7. Cut remaining two wires, leaving each with a 2- to three 3-inch tail. Using round-nose pliers, bend joined wires to 90-degree angle above twist.
8. Make loop by bringing wires over top jaw of round nose pliers. Slip toggle stick into opening of loop.
9. Grasp partial loop with round-nose pliers. Hold wire tails with chain nose pliers and wrap tightly around wire stems beneath loop, two to three times. Trim excess wire.

Let me know what you think of this project and I will try to find more that you can use to make even more of your troll beads jewelry. This is a pretty simple project for those just beginning to learn how to make jewelry.
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