Genuine Troll Beads Make Great Gifts

Earlier in the month I wrote about how you can be quite selfless by creating heartfelt jewelry made from troll beads and donating them to sick children. Let me ask you if there has ever been a time...usually after watching a Kay Jewelers or Jared's commercial for the millionth time that you wish provide more meaningful gifts for your family and less time trying to track down the new iPhone or a new Lexus?

Starting a new hobby by learning how to make wire jewelry with your family, even if its just one night a week, can help tremendously to build the bond with your kids. Beading is quite a simple and even addicting hobby to start.

When you can make outlandish or pieces of jewelry that stand out, you will capture the imagination and enthusiasm of your kids. Even in an article by Kim Mitchell for GO! Magazine there is mention.
"Glitter and glam could be just the thing to get your girls interested in making Christmas gifts, Riall said.

With so many options in the jewelry isles, Riall said the time consuming part won't be the making, but the selecting."

So start by getting involved with your kids with you, clear off the kitchen and start putting troll beads onto your jewelry pieces. And if you're so inclined, give them as gifts to those your care about!

If you want to read the whole article from Kim click here

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Homemade Jewelry with Trollbeads Given to Sick Children

It seems that it is all too common these days that the younger generation is accused of being too self-absorbed and selfish; I recently read a story of how some kids learned how to make wire jewelry in their spare time. 

How refreshing is it find that there are young groups of children that have banded together to make beaded jewelry and donate these items to sick children during their hospital stays.

What an example to all of us and even a call to action. Are you looking for some way to relax or find a new hobby? 

Then why not make bracelets and necklaces with troll beads? These unique little trinkets can then be donated to children’s hospitals or other charities for a sick child to be given. 

When they see these animated little troll beads of an animal or some other creature, it can take them away from their pain…if only for a few minutes.

To read the article of the young girl scout who has donated hundreds of personally created jewelry click here

Spend Time With Family Making Jewelry with Troll Beads

Have you recently used any troll beads to create jewelry? If not you should begin to consider it. Now you may be asking me, "why do I even care?" when you're just starting out learning out how to make wire jewelry. That is an excellent question!

The reason why you should care is because if you have ever wanted to pass the time with a new hobby, spend a weekend bonding with your kids, or even make a little extra money to add to the vacation making most definitely is the way to go.

According to Debbie Albritton, the owner of Charmed, a jewelry making business, this past time is growing in popularity by an astounding pace. She said, "It's right behind scrap-booking which is number one".

That alone should at least get you interested enough to investigate...That's what I did. That is when I found out how much fun it is to decide on a charm or jewelry design and then choose from a wide variety of beads including troll beads, Pandora beads and the list goes on.

Turn that tv off, clear off the kitchen table and have a fun night with your family!
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Troll Beads give your Jewelry & Accessories more Life

The other day I was thinking of the many ways that troll beads can be used to enhance your jewelry collection, when I couldn't help but think of how my sisters are obsessed with accessorizing everything that they own! Typically when you are learning how to make wire jewelry, these beads can be perfect for giving them a unique look to them. How ever, they were using them in completely different ways than I had even considered. When I visited them in July, all of their jeans, purses and even their shirts were "personalized" with their own artistic graffiti! Troll beads are so unique that they are something that can enhance anyone's clothes. Oddly enough, I found an article that was speaking on the same thing explaining that "beads add pizzazz to designs by giving sparkle and depth to the finished pieces. It's fun deciding where to place them on a design, like in a flower center."
There truly is so many different things that can be done with these beads; if you are an animal lover, there are complete collections of different animal troll beads that you can buy to attach to your purse or new jeans that you bought for a great deal off the discount rack!

You can find the whole article here
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Give Homemade crafts and jewelry a unique look with Troll Beads!

It is very rare when items as small as troll beads can create such a one of a kind flair and increased interest in jewelry creation and similar crafts. They are a wonderful complement to the various beads you incorporate when you are learning how to make wire jewelry. A lot of this interest can be attributed to the individual personality that each bead is created with. Troll beads also give a nod to fantasy and astrology as explained by How to Rama:

"Each bead tells its own history that is inspired greatly for one by mythology since trolls are actually fairies believed to possess magical powers that help fulfill your wishes. The troll beads, additionally, are inspired by astrology - each of us lives in our own fate that is predetermined by astrological conditions. Aside from these, troll beads also take inspiration from fauna, flora, fairy tales, cultural diversity, and the typical things we see in everyday life."
To see the whole article click here
Remember these beads the next time you are creating handmade jewellery.

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