Genuine Troll Beads Make Great Gifts

Earlier in the month I wrote about how you can be quite selfless by creating heartfelt jewelry made from troll beads and donating them to sick children. Let me ask you if there has ever been a time...usually after watching a Kay Jewelers or Jared's commercial for the millionth time that you wish provide more meaningful gifts for your family and less time trying to track down the new iPhone or a new Lexus?

Starting a new hobby by learning how to make wire jewelry with your family, even if its just one night a week, can help tremendously to build the bond with your kids. Beading is quite a simple and even addicting hobby to start.

When you can make outlandish or pieces of jewelry that stand out, you will capture the imagination and enthusiasm of your kids. Even in an article by Kim Mitchell for GO! Magazine there is mention.
"Glitter and glam could be just the thing to get your girls interested in making Christmas gifts, Riall said.

With so many options in the jewelry isles, Riall said the time consuming part won't be the making, but the selecting."

So start by getting involved with your kids with you, clear off the kitchen and start putting troll beads onto your jewelry pieces. And if you're so inclined, give them as gifts to those your care about!

If you want to read the whole article from Kim click here

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Nilz said...

Innovative gift idea! It will give some relief for the clueless gift givers.
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LizzeBennett said...

Any suggestions for somebody new to Trollbeads? Question: Can I buy one silver chain and lock, then switch out the beads different days to go with different outfits? Thanks.

paul said...

You can definitely purchase a chaing and lock. Then using various troll beads you can mix and match to your liking. For that purpose, I like the ones listed at

GeNiUs Kid said...

Troll Beads really wonderful jewelry. Thanks for sharing.

The Troll Beads