Troll Beads: Jewelry Tidbits

Troll beads are created by internationally renowned jewelery designers; designed from Italian Murano glass, natural pearls, semi-precious and precious stones. Trollbeads are amazingly high-quality beads made from a variety of different premium materials and designed by numerous different people and are perfect for those who want to know how to make wire jewelry with unique pieces on them. They work almost like a charm bracelet, allowing the wearer to attach any bead to a chain to make her own piece of bead jewelry with its own story! Troll beads are beads originally created by a Scandinavian company and used in bracelets. They are whimsical and fun and are similar to the popular US "charm bracelets".

Charm bracelets have been the subject of several waves of trends. Queen Victoria wore charm bracelets that started a fashion among the European noble classes. Charms also were worn in the dark ages to represent family origin, religious and political convictions.

Trollbeads are compatible with Chamilia and Pandora beads. Those beads will fit on a troll beads bracelet however the Troll beads will not fit on a Chamilia or Pandora bracelet or chain. They are created by eighteen Danish and internationally renowned jewelry designers.

Troll beads allow you to create your own story with many different symbols, flowers, animals, zodiac signs, colors and materials, there are endless combinations or variations.
They really are remarkable, beautifully-created, and wonderful charms/beads - that take art of creating a bead or charm bracelet so much fun! Not only is it fun, but you can quickly and easily change your bracelet with every whim of desire, or to match any outfit you might wear ANY day!

Genuine troll beads are made from the highest quality raw materials including sterling silver, 18 karat gold, Italian Murano glass, natural pearls, semi- precious stones and amber. They are solid cast beads that simply slide onto the bracelet or necklace and are completely interchangeable. The beads do not lock into place, but move freely.

Start learning how to make jewelry designs that are stunning by adding to your collection of beads by adding troll beads.
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i also love troll beads. Keep a good work!!

zualfiqar ali mubashir said...

troll beads
The advantages of trollbeads are: you can make your bracelet unique, allows you to design your own through colors or pictures, you could change the design.