Unused Bulk Beads, Making Jewelry with Unique Design Ideas

There comes a time for everyone who is in the habit of producing creative material-- regardless of whether your creative energies involve beads, making jewelry pieces or even creating a blog post.

When you first get started in learning how to make wire jewelry or other pieces of jewelry, there are going to be a lot ideas or themes that you will want to create. After some success with the smaller projects you begin to expand your operation. You get extremely ambitious in your endeavors and begin to stock up on your supplies -- from bulk jewellery to bulk beads -- making plans for the great designs and pieces that you will create!

Then it happens....

You're sitting at your desk and NOTHING is coming to you. What are you going to make next. When this happens you should look no further than your bedroom closet.

Look at that new top you bought last week at the mall. You know the one you got for a "steal" off the clearance rack!! No I won't tell your significant other that you raided the rainy day fund for it! :-)

Fashion can be a very inspirational outlet to help you grind out more unique and fantastic pieces

So where do you get your inspiration for your beads making projects? If you have a unique piece of jewelry posted on the internet, please let me know and I will promote it here!
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