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Learn How to Make Jewelry - Organizing Jewelry Making Supplies First

So you have decided that you want to learn how to make wire jewelry as a hobby. This may be just to fuel your creative juices that you have inside or perhaps you want to make a little extra money by selling some of your handmade jewellery on the side. While beading is a very rewarding hobby you want to make sure that you have all the proper tools in place before you begin or frustration will definitely sink in.

Where to Start

Your first thought when you are learning how to make jewelry by beading might be, how could I run out of storage space? Beads take up so little space so it shouldn't take up so much space to make beaded jewelry. Surprisingly, though, the storage bins of tools, thread, string and beads can add up quickly. Before you know it, you can no longer get into your project room. Another significant downside to an unorganized project space is that will begin to take you sometimes two and three times longer than it should to design new bracelets or necklaces because you will spend your time hunting down your beads than actually stringing them together.

Now don’t jump ahead and buy a bunch of new bins from Michael’s or some other crafts store. That is something that is later on in your organizational strategy which will make your journey of learning how to make jewelry much more rewarding and stress free.

The first priority is putting together a game plan for sorting your beads. When you start out you may only have one type of bead and one type of string – the sorting will be easy at this point – however once you find your comfort level with one set of materials, there will be a significant increase in the assortment of beads and other materials.

As I said, the first step in keeping an organized beading space is to begin sorting. Now, I’m not going to tell you exactly how to sort because it will be your choices of projects that dictate what sorting method will be most effective for you.

This could be a simple sorting of the types of beads – an example being by seed beads, glass, Milagros, gemstone, etc. Then again, you may want to sort by the sizes of the beads, their type or bead color. The key is to make sure that you start with a strategy and don’t veer from it because your workspace will soon turn into an area that looks like a tornado hit your room!

Once you have decided how things will be sorted, the next task at hand will be to choose how to store them. You have options here too, but the most basic concerns for beaders are typically whether to choose storage bins that you can see into – an thus aware of what stock you have, or just some solid colored bins. The beader can choose a bin with many small drawers or ones with just a few.

And you thought that learning how to make jewelry; specifically beading was simply a string and clasp job and you’re done! In all seriousness, beading is an enjoyable hobby and can continue for many years as such; as long as you properly organize your jewelry making supplies from the get go.

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