How to Make Wire Jewelry

Learning how to make wire jewelry is made by using simple materials to make a beautiful piece of art and is an easy project. A simple design can turn out to be a thing of beauty in the right hands. It only takes some simple tools and materials to make jewelry you can be proud of and sell for a good price.

The first thing you need to do is get together the things you need. You have to have different sizes of wire. The higher the gauge, the thicker the wire is. The twenty-gauge wire is suitable for most jewelry. Memory wire is very suitable for making bracelets; it will stay in the shape you bend it. All you have to do is string the beads on it and bend the wire over on the end.

You have to have clasps for fastening the jewelry. Earwires, eyepins, headpins, and jump rings are referred to as findings. You will also need some chain of different types and thickness.

You will also need the right tools to make the jewelry. You will need some small pliers with a round nose. You may have to buy these at a craft shop, as the ones typically sold at a hardware store are too large. Some use chain nose pliers to grip a jump ring or the wire. These pliers are flat on the inside but the outside is round. You will need something to cut your wires with such as wire cutters.

You will also need a jig. A jig is merely a board that has pegs sticking out of it. You will use the pegs to shape the wire into the form you want and to prevent it from losing its shape.

When you have all your materials and tools ready it is time to start making jewelry. Whether you are making a bracelet, anklet or necklace, you need to start with some wire. Use your crimping pliers to make a loop at one end. Thread your beads in the design you want on the wire, when you are done cut the wire making sure you have enough wire left to loop this end also. You then attach a chain to the loop or use a jump ring to connect it. You will then need to add a clasp, do this by attaching rings to the ends and then putting on the clasp.

It is very easy to make some simple earrings, use a headpin and put beads of your choice on it using an interesting color or design. The head pin needs to be bent at a sharp angle and looped. To complete your earring, use a french wire or other earring finding on the loop and you are done.

As soon as you learn the basics, you can let your imagination run free and create unique pieces of jewelry. There are many different designs you can create to make your jewelry unique and learning how to make wire jewelry is definitely a skill that will enhance it even further.
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Angel said...

I could not find this jewelry making equipment jig??
Can you please help!

Paul said...

@Angel If you do a search on google for jewelry jigs you can find a pretty wide variety. Even Amazon has affordable jewelry making jigs as well, found here

Discount Codes said...

I like your blog. Wire is very versatile and can help you create fabulous hand-craft jewelry.

Bindu said...

I like playing with beads. My favorites are making earring.

Michael said...

I am so excited to learn this jewelery. I also like to suggest some details which is very useful for all Karat meter

Jewelry Florida said...

I like your blog. Its more informative and it help me a lot when i was learning how to make handmade jewelry. Thanks for your information.

Rose said...

I started with a jig and then just used things I had around to bend and shape wire around stones and such. It's fun.