Trollbead Jewelry is Becoming More Popular Every Week

Troll beads have been around for the last thirty years; these colourful beads each have their own story which is based around fairy tales, animals, flowers, mythology and astrology. The beads are made from a number of materials including sterling silver, gold, glass and precious stones. If you have not yet heard about trollbeads then I suggest you take a look around the internet and get involved in this world wide craze.

They started in Denmark in 1976 when Soren Nielson created a small silver pearl (The Mask) from a wax model, which he drilled a hole through and the concept of putting these charms onto jewellery began. In the 1980s Lise Aagaard began an apprenticeship making troll beads, she began experimenting with materials and developed the first glass bead which became widely available in 2002.

Now more technology means more beads of different shapes, colours and sizes can be made and there are now beads for all occasions and personalities with new designs coming out all of the time. The beads can be made into bracelets and necklaces and designed by you to suit any outfit or mood, or you can buy complete bracelets and necklaces to start your collection.

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If you are new to trollbead collecting then to familiarise yourself with the different types you can view the following categories of bead:

Glass Trollbeads

Glass beads were designed by Lise Aagaard in the late 1980's but because of the complexity of making detailed designs on small pieces of glass, these beads were not available fully until the early Nineties. Now there are hundreds of glass beads of all colours and designs available, some with colours running through the glass and others with glass bubbles on the outer surface.

98-pink, Sterling Silver Core Murano Glass Slide-on and Slide-off Glass Bead , 14 X 8mm. 5mm Hole so Fits Most Bracelets, Compatible with Pandora, Trollbeads Chamilia,silverado,biagi and Many More...
Gold Trollbeads

Gold troll beads come in all different shapes and sizes including animals, fairy tale characters and abstract shapes. They go well with glass beads and the different characters help to create a theme or storyline running through each bracelet or necklace.

Letter Trollbeads

These beads have a letter from the alphabet built into their design. You can buy your initials to incorporate into your troll bead necklace or bracelet or why not buy all the letters which make up your name? This really allows you to personalise your jewellery and make your own storyline through troll beads.

OOAK Trollbeads

These one of a kind beads are hand made and are completely individual. Some are prototypes which have been rejected while others are slightly imperfect and have been removed from production. Often this is simply because the colour is incorrect or the design has not come out as intended, but this just adds to the character and rarity of the bead.

Retired Trollbeads

Some beads are retired after a while to make room for new designs. These retired beads are still available in our store but they can become rare.

Silver Trollbeads

This is how troll beads first started in 1976, they are made of silver from wax models which are cleaned and drilled to make them into bracelet and necklace charms. Over the years more designs have been produced and now all shapes and sizes are available to compliment individual personalities and interests. And like gold beads, different mythical characters add to the story line of the bracelet of necklace.

Trollbead Bracelets

Bracelets can either be purchased as an individual chain or as a completed charm bracelet. The charms only fit onto trollbead bracelets and necklaces. Chains come in silver and gold and black and brown leather bracelets and necklaces are available.

Trollbead Clasps

Clasps are available in gold and silver and a designed so they can be removed to allow the beads on the bracelet of necklace to be changed or reorganised. Clasps are decorated with patterns or are shaped like animals and flowers to fit in with the design of the jewellery. Some are also decorated with gems and stones although there are plain clasps available as well.

Trollbeads are simply the best gifts you can buy a friend or even buy for yourself, they are fun, precious and most of all they are unique.

By: Steven Beckerman

About the Author:
A part time journalist and part time seller of trollbead jewellery in the United Kingdom. To view a range of trollbead items please visit

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