Give Homemade crafts and jewelry a unique look with Troll Beads!

It is very rare when items as small as troll beads can create such a one of a kind flair and increased interest in jewelry creation and similar crafts. They are a wonderful complement to the various beads you incorporate when you are learning how to make wire jewelry. A lot of this interest can be attributed to the individual personality that each bead is created with. Troll beads also give a nod to fantasy and astrology as explained by How to Rama:

"Each bead tells its own history that is inspired greatly for one by mythology since trolls are actually fairies believed to possess magical powers that help fulfill your wishes. The troll beads, additionally, are inspired by astrology - each of us lives in our own fate that is predetermined by astrological conditions. Aside from these, troll beads also take inspiration from fauna, flora, fairy tales, cultural diversity, and the typical things we see in everyday life."
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Remember these beads the next time you are creating handmade jewellery.

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angesbiz said...

I love this jewelry and never knew that the pieces were inspired by astrology. Interesting!