Troll Beads give your Jewelry & Accessories more Life

The other day I was thinking of the many ways that troll beads can be used to enhance your jewelry collection, when I couldn't help but think of how my sisters are obsessed with accessorizing everything that they own! Typically when you are learning how to make wire jewelry, these beads can be perfect for giving them a unique look to them. How ever, they were using them in completely different ways than I had even considered. When I visited them in July, all of their jeans, purses and even their shirts were "personalized" with their own artistic graffiti! Troll beads are so unique that they are something that can enhance anyone's clothes. Oddly enough, I found an article that was speaking on the same thing explaining that "beads add pizzazz to designs by giving sparkle and depth to the finished pieces. It's fun deciding where to place them on a design, like in a flower center."
There truly is so many different things that can be done with these beads; if you are an animal lover, there are complete collections of different animal troll beads that you can buy to attach to your purse or new jeans that you bought for a great deal off the discount rack!

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