Spend Time With Family Making Jewelry with Troll Beads

Have you recently used any troll beads to create jewelry? If not you should begin to consider it. Now you may be asking me, "why do I even care?" when you're just starting out learning out how to make wire jewelry. That is an excellent question!

The reason why you should care is because if you have ever wanted to pass the time with a new hobby, spend a weekend bonding with your kids, or even make a little extra money to add to the vacation stash....jewelry making most definitely is the way to go.

According to Debbie Albritton, the owner of Charmed, a jewelry making business, this past time is growing in popularity by an astounding pace. She said, "It's right behind scrap-booking which is number one".

That alone should at least get you interested enough to investigate...That's what I did. That is when I found out how much fun it is to decide on a charm or jewelry design and then choose from a wide variety of beads including troll beads, Pandora beads and the list goes on.

Turn that tv off, clear off the kitchen table and have a fun night with your family!
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Paper Money Collecting said...

This is a great idea, I have a friend who lost her job recently and now she makes jewelery for her friends. She has now started up a small business and on a visit to her recently she taught me how to make a bangle. This is something I should do with the kids, I enjoyed it so would they.

Lyn Bell said...

I just love the look of the troll beads and look forward to starting jewelery making as a new hobby. Thanks:)Lyn